Can dead snail kill fish? This is one of the curious questions many people ask, especially aspiring farmers and farmers. Dead aquarium snail produce ammonia. Ammonia is toxic to fish if allowed to accumulate in fish production systems. When ammonia accumulates to toxic levels, fish can not extract energy from feed efficiently, which will shorten … Read more

How to care for baby snail

Snail is one of the most popular and prefared meat in the whole world, this is because of it’s delicious taste, and it is used to prepare many types of delicious foods. But upon the huge importance or usefulness of snail, people tends to ignore it’s production and many tends to depend more on picking … Read more

Goat farming: how to become a successful goat farmer

Goat is one of the most lucrative and less stressful livestock to farm/rear. This livestock farming business is so lucrative that it has produced many millionaires and have helped many countries to grow their economy and have rendered numerous employment opportunities to many jobless people. Goat is a very important animal to rear because it … Read more


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