Poultry farming for beginners:a proven step by step method to success

I have some questions for you. Have you tried to start poultry farming business before but failed?

Are you thinking of how to go into the poultry farming business but have no knowledge it?

If the the above questions concern you, then you are definitely in the right place to learn everything about poultry farming business.

I have seen many people fail in poultry business, that is why I took out time to write this article; Poultry farming for beginners-a proven step by step method.

I understand how it feels to be eager and excited to start this agribusiness, but fail totally and lose some money due to lack of adequate knowledge about it.
Trust me I have been there before, it can be really frustrating.

Thank goodness I took time and made researches by going to successful Poultry farmers to learn and making research both with books and online, today, I have learned my mistakes in the past and have avoided them!. And my farm is now booming.

Poultry business is one of the gold mines in the agricultural sector. If planned and done very well, it will make you rich. Although it requires hard work, but easy when you are used to it.

In counteies like the United States of America, Nigeria, Canada, U.K etc, they have large numbers of poultry farms because understand the importance of it and the huge market it has.

No country can boast of satisfying this need at their domestic level in totality. This is because, the demand and the market is too high.

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how many Poultry farms you might see in your area, the products are still scarce and costly? this is simply because the demand is incredibly huge and the market is also huge and steady.

Poultry products are good source of animal protein, that’s is why everyone loves it and added with their meats are soft and always delicious

I have said too much already, now let’s get into the over – all detailed explanation of everything I have learned to be successful in this business and how to avoid unnecessary mistakes that might ruin it.

I have the step by step explanations/ instructions, so check the table of contents below for easy guide and understanding.














Before I go on, first of all, let me explain what Poultry farming means although I know that you know what it means, that’s why you are searching for the information in the first place, but for the sake of new people who might stumble upon this article by mistake.

Poultry farming is a type of live stock farming that involves the breeding or rearing of birds for either meat purpose or for eggs.

This type of live stock farming is all about rearing different kinds of birds or domestic birds like Broilers, Layers, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese.

Apart from fish, beef, pork, snail, goat, poultry is another great source of animal protein. The egg and the meat provides large amount of proteins in the body when eaten and the meat is always soft and delicious when prepared very well.


As I have explained the meaning of poultry farming above, let us dive into types of poultry bird and explain them one after the other.


Broiler is a type of poultry bird grown mainly for meat purpose, they are usually white in colour and fat.

They are heavy eaters and drinkers, so they are normally fat if reared and fed very well and they are very fast in growth compared to other types of poultry birds.

Good breed of broiler takes about 2 to 3 months of good feeding to mature and gain enough weight.


Layer is a type of poultry bird grown mainly for eggs. This type of birds are normally yellow and sometimes dark in colour. They are very popular and largely farmed because of their egg laying.

They are much more slower in growth compared to broilers.

They are not entirely for egg purpose as they also serve as meat when they grow weak in laying eggs. Although they serve as meat, but not like Broilers, because broiler is specifically made for meat alone.


Turkey is a large poultry bird that is entirely made for meat and sometimes eggs.

They are normally dark in colour and the male are aggressive when provoked. They make one of the best, if not the best poultry meat ever!


This is a farm bird that is grown for both meat and eggs. It is mainly grown for meat as it does not lay much eggs like the layers.

They come in either white or black in color, and they are good swimmer.

This birds are short in height and fat, it can hatch many eggs an so have many chicks.

It is very aggressive once it has chicks.


Geese is a grazing water fowl, normally white in colour and bigger than a duck.

They are also a good meat.


Now let’s go on requirements of poultry farming.

These are thing that you really need or requires to start and run poultry farm/farms.
Some of these things are compulsory while some are not, but necessary for running this farm business. They are:


Land is one of the most important and compulsory requirments or should I say, it is the most important.

We all know that before anything, not excluding farming could take place, there must be land, so you need to procure a land if you don’t have, and if you have one, kindly skip reading this part below.

If you have no land, you need to buy or rent one. Although I strongly suggest it is best to buy one if you have the money than rent, as buying it will make it yours permanently and abolish the recurring cost of rent fee, thereby saving you tons on money in the long run.

When selecting a site for this business, you need to check important things, like,
do the place have electricity, can you get fresh water from there, how is the security in that area, how far is it from people’s resident, how close is the site to the market.

All these are important to consider before you make the plan of siting your farm because like I stated above, you need to site your farm far away from people’s inhibited areas as poultry produces offensive odour.

You need to locate your farm closer to market place/places or closer to a city for easy and cost effectiveness in the transportation to sell your products.

You must check is there is a regular power supply so that you will reduce the cost of using an electric generator or you can purchase solar system, if you want.

Check water supply because birds drinks alot of water, especially broilers, so it best to check if there is a possibility of water supply in the area or you might dig a bore-hole.

Also roads and weather condition is very are very important to check before siting you poultry farm, as you don’t want to site it where there is wind, erosion and bad roads.


Feeder is a tool that is used to give foods to the Poultry birds.

This tool serves as plate for them, hence foods are kept on it while they eat or peck from the feeder/feeders.

It is a very necessary tool or requirment in farming business as you can’t keep foods for the birds on the ground, hence they will certainly develop sick and contact diseases which might kill them.

Feeder have sizes, this depends on the stage or size of the birds involved. For small birds or chicks, small feeders are what they need so that they could be able to reach their food and peck them.

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