Popular Exotic Angel Plants To Decorate Your Home With

First, Exotic Angel is a brand name owned by Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses Inc. Over the years, they have come out with many indoor plants. From local garden centers to online shops and major retail chains like Home Depot, you will find Exotic Angel plants everywhere.

These plants are grown in Exotic Angel greenhouses and hence, the name. The brand delivers only healthy specimens with a fuller and lusher appearance.

There are over 400+ types of Exotic Angel plants. But we will mention only the most popular ones in this post. You should check out the detailed guide on Plantsofmerit.org before getting some of these plants for your home.

Here are some of the most popular Exotic Angel plants:

Nerve plant

This is also known as a mosaic plant because of its appearance. It has small, green leaves with pink, white, or red veins that resemble nerves. The small colorful sections make the green section look like small pieces of a mosaic. 

These plants thrive better in a terrarium as they have very low light requirements. You just have to ensure it gets the right amount of humidity.


Some people might recognize it as wax plants. This type of vining plant is often displayed in a hanging pot. The beautiful thick, curly leaves give the plant its statement look.

If grown in proper lighting conditions, these plants may even flower. To keep your plant healthy, you should water it regularly. However, overwatering the plants may have a reverse effect.

Zebra Plant

The dark-green leaves with white patterns give a unique look to this plant. In comparison to the other Exotic Angel plants on the list, this one is a bit fussier.

It requires a lot of moisture and water. So make sure that the soil doesn’t get dry. Also, keep it away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, the leaves might get scorched.


Peperomia are small plants that are ideal for growing indoors. If you have limited space in your house, but still want to grow the plant, you should consider getting a few peperomia plants.

But you will have to make sure that the plant doesn’t get exposed to direct sunlight. You will find these plants in different patterns and colors. Some of these plants might also have different leaf shapes. 


This is another popular Exotic Angel plant that you can grow indoors. With bright yellow, red, green, and orange leaves, this is a complete crowd-pleaser.

Getting one of these plants can add energy to your house. For plants to thrive, they need plenty of light. You can use a humidity tray or mist to keep the leaves from drying. Make sure you never overwater these plants.

Purple Pleasure Plant

The beautiful appearance of these plants is pleasurable to the eyes. It has purple, green leaves which give it a beautiful look.

These are versatile plants that work in trellis or hanging baskets. You can also trail them over shelves. These plants need regular watering. Also, keep them away from heaters, AC vents, and drafts.

Polka Dot Plant

Lastly, we have the polka dot plant that is named after its appearance. The leaves have bright colored spots which look similar to polka dots. The color of the dots might vary from pink to red, and mixed colors.

These plants need regular watering and a lot of sunlight to retain their bright colors.

Exotic Angel plants are beautiful. If you are a plant enthusiast, you should get a few of these for your home.

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