Many gardeners, especially those in the country side do face the problem of some insects and mosquitoes in some seasons. This particular problem has frustrated many gardeners. This has led so many gardeners to start looking for a natural remedy or remedies to curb insects and mosquitoes from their garden. I have read many threads and forums where people are asking if mosquitoes are attracted to tomato plants or it repels them. I decided to make a research in order to provide answers to their questions.

Mosquitoes are not attracted to tomato plants. Tomato plants have an insect repellent substance known as IBI-246, which scares mosquitoes and other insects away.

Tomatoes plant has been scientifically proven to be one of the plants that naturally defends itself against the aggressiveness of pests. It is a natural remedy to prevent mosquitoes from causing havoc in the garden and also home.

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Back in the days and even now, many people prefer to use natural remedies such as leaves and plants, which tomatoes plant is among, to repel mosquitoes and other insects from entering their homes and gardens than to use various chemicals that we have in various stores and supermarkets to repel mosquitoes.

Some of the reasons why many people opt for the natural remedy for insects and mosquitoes repellent is because some of those manufactured chemicals which are used to repel mosquitoes and other insects may pose great challenges to human health, and also animals too.

Tomatoes plant does not attract mosquitoes because the substance in it (IBI-246) repels them, therefore, tomatoes plant is a natural insect and mosquito repellent.

As a gardener, who is seasonally being disturbed by mosquitoes and some other insects, I have an idea for you, why not plant tomatoes in your gardens and around your home?. This will go a long way to scare and curb the excesses of insects and mosquitoes around your home and garden.

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