Can peackocks live in cold weather?

Peackock is a very fine bird with fine and large feathers, it is a wild bird, but is easily domesticated, which is why it is normally seen around some homes and farms, especially in India, the United States etc. There is a popular question about peackocks, which is ‘ can they live in a cold weather/climate?’.

Can peackocks live in cold weather? Peackocks cannot live in cold weather, because their health can be seriously compromised if temperatures go below 0º C (32º F).

Peackock is a kind of bird that love to stay in dry and warm place. They don’t like cold nor damp places, that’s why they can hardly be seen around water, unless their drinking water.

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Peackock’s allergy to water and cold environment may be said to be caused by their historical background. They are said to have originated from dry lands or hot regions like Congo etc where the climate is always hot or moderate.

Although some peackocks can tolerate cold weather, but when the climate gets too cold, they may not stand it anymore and may fall sick or die.

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Although peackocks in the wild are not always prone to cold due to the fact that they stay in their roosts and their thick feathers help to keep them warm in their roosts.

Do Peackocks Fly South in the Winter?

If peackocks are very prone to cold, your thought might be, ‘ do they fly south where it is usually warm in the winter.

Do peackocks fly south in the winter? No, they don’t! they stay in their roosts and keep themselves warm.

Despite their proneness to cold, they don’t fly south just like other birds do, this is one of the reasons why they are very different from other birds out there.

How do Peackocks Stay Warm in Winter?

If they don’t fly south nor migrate, then how do they keep themselves warm in winter or cold?

Peackocks do stay Warm in Winter by staying in their roosts. they always come out to warm themselves when the sun comes out and go back to their roosts.

Wild peackocks do stay warmth by keeping to their roosts and coming out for warmth when ever the sun comes up. The chicks are normally warmed and protected by the peahens by covering them with their feathers.

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Domestic peackocks are normally taken care of by people who keep them, by giving them warmth with lamp, stove etc and also by keeping them in secured and warm roosts such as barn, store etc.

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