Snake in tomato plant

do tomato plant attract snakes?, this is one of the questions many gardeners ask many times, maybe you have noticed snakes in or around your tomato garden and you start wondering if it is really your tomatoes that are attracting them or any other thing or things that you ain’t aware of or maybe snakes do like or eat tomatoes.

Tomato plant do not attract snakes, as snakes do not eat tomatoes.

If tomato plant do not attract snakes, then why do snakes come around tomato plant or tomato gardens sometimes?.

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Well if snakes do come to your tomato garden so often, then there are some things attracting them, definitely not the plants itself, but some pests that do feast on your tomatoes.

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If your tomato garden do attract pests like lizards which might also be after tomatoes insects, rats, birds and even some insects, there is every possibility that you will be seeing snakes in your tomato garden so often if you reside in a snake populated areas.


Snakes neither like nor eat tomato, as snake is a carnivorous animal and does not eat vegetables nor fruits.

If snakes often comes to your tomato plants, don’t panic because they are not one of your plant enemies or pests, as they will do no harm to your plant, but instead see them as friends because they are just there to deal with the real pests which might be threatening your tomato plants.
By the way, some of them are not venomous and not that dangerous, so they serve as pest control agents.

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But if you are not too comfortable with seeing them in your tomato garden or scared of them, relax, we gat your back! as they can be prevented from accessing your garden.


To scare away snakes or prevent them from coming round your tomato plants or garden.

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Deal with the pests that attracts the snakes yourself, so that nothing will draw them to your tomato plants anymore or get anti snake chemicals and apply them at the strategic locations in your garden.


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