GREENHOUSE: Advantages and Disadvantages of growing crops in a greenhouse house

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Have you ever taught of growing any seasonal crop all year round or in any season you want, but don’t know what to do nor how to go about it because you are limited by season?, then your solution is greenhouse!.

If you are in this page, reading this, that means you are searching for informations about greenhouse, so in this article, we will learn about both the advantages and disadvantages of greenhouse. But first, let me explain what a greenhouse is, but if you already know it, then skip.


A greenhouse is a building that is made of transparent and light objects such as glass or plastic polythene in which plants are grown for maximum growth and excellent performance.

Greenhouse is a unique technique of providing favorable conditions to plants.


The origin of greenhouse started all the way back to 13th century, the idea was to use it to to bypass climate conditions, in order to grow foods, fruits and herbs for mainly royal families, and also to satisfy their nutritional needs.

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Now, the idea of greenhouse has been accepted in the whole world as a modern method of farming/gardening, and has also been improved via research and also taught in the universities.

Unlike in the olden days, it now has been improved to the extent that everything needed by crops to grow are inside it, such as proper ventilation via electric fan etc, light, irrigation etc.

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Having understood what greenhouse is and it’s brief history, now let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of growing crops in a greenhouse.


like I explained earlier, greenhouse is one of the modern and most sophisticated methods of growing crops, so here are it’s advantages:

Elimination of climate/weather barrier: This is one of the most important reasons of using this method of gardening, world-wide because it does not succumb to climate or season.

With the use of greenhouse, any crop can be grown at any season, climate or any time of the year successfully and excellently. Gone are the days when Gardeners has to wait for a particular season to come or pass before they will start growing their plants, but right now, with the help of this gardening technology, even seeds are germinated and grown right inside it.

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Elimination/Control of threats: This modern technology of gardening known as greenhouse does not only control and eliminate the season and weather barrier on gardening, but also control threats such as diseases and pests.

Greenhouse being totally covered serves as a protector of the crops from pests such as animals, insects, birds etc.

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Those crops being grown in greenhouse will hardly contact diseases due to the fact that they do not have outside pollinators that might transfer diseases to them from outside or anywhere else.

It provides favourable gardening conditions: Research has proven that gardeners always succeed excellently in growing crops with this modern gardening technology than growing in open garden or field, this is so because Greenhouse provides the perfect conditions which crops need to grow such as temperature control which could be adjusted to fit the nature of any crop, proper ventilation, adequate light system which does serve as good alternative to sunlight, in many cases, good direct access to sunlight, air control, adequate irrigation and control, control of pests and diseases etc.

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Availability of Foods and Herbs all year round: With the help of growing crops and herbs in a greenhouse, some foods and herbs which are classified as seasonal are now totally available in every season because they are now being grown all year round.

It has also reduced the scarcity of food.

It has Improved profit: This gardening technology has gone a long way to enhance profits and also minimized lost for gardeners.
This is based on the fact that while many people are waiting for the right season to come before they could be able to plant and grow their crops and herbs, those who make use of Greenhouse are busy growing those crops and herbs and selling at that season which they might be costly and making great profit.

It facilitates the growth of healthy plants and yields, thereby enhancing crop profitability for gardeners.

Another advantage of growing crops in a greenhouse is, any type of crops and herbs could be grown in it, for the fact that they are dwarf or does not grow taller than the greenhouse itself and also different types of crops could be grown together in one greenhouse and at the same time.


I have explained the advantages of growing crops in a greenhouse above, there are also some demerits or disadvantages of growing crops in a greenhouse, based on my personal experience, they are:

It is very Costly: One of the disadvantages of Greenhouse is that it is very costly and not every gardener could afford it, especially small scale farmers or gardeners.

Although the cost differs from size to size, but in-other-words, they are still costly, including even the smaller ones and so is not very affordable for everyone.

Quick spread of diseases and pests: Although it is very hard for pests and diseases to penetrate a greenhouse, but in the case of disease or pest attack, it could easily spread to other plants.

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This could only be avoided by being totally careful and also, be on alert for any sign of pest or disease infestation and remove the infested plant quickly.

Task/Cost of maintenance: The maintenance is another demerit of this technology, this is because they do not last forever and so needs maintenance in order to last longer, and this might include money and manpower.

Durability: Some of this technology does not last very long, although it depends on the quality, as some might last only 3years or a little, while others might last far more that that, therefore, durability is a disadvantage of growing crops in a greenhouse.

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Size of the greenhouse: The size of the greenhouse matters alot and so is one of it’s disadvantages, as the size of the crops must not supersede the size of the greenhouse, so this is a great limitation.

Lack of Pollination: Lack of pollination is one of the disadvantages of growing crops in a greenhouse.


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