HOW TO GROW CALLA LILIES INDOORS ( How to grow Calla Lily, in a pot indoors)

Calla Lily
Calla Lily
Calla Lilie (Zantedeschia aethiopica) is a very beautiful flower that is used for so many ceremonial purposes and home decorations too because of it’s beauty and nice fragrance.It is native to South African Countries such as Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa, but right now, it is being grown in Europe, America and Australia.Calla Lilie is used more in wedding ceremony than any other purpose.It is even In Roman and Greek myths and has been around in France far more than 1664, so this has been disputed over time as when exactly did this flower came to Europe and other continents.ALSO LEARN: How to grow spider plantCalla Lilie is Surprisingly not in the family of the Lily flower because it is different from them, despite the name “Lilie” .Calla Lilie is a warm weather flower plant that thrives in USDA 8 – 11, and could survive slightly in zone 7.When growing this flower plants indoors in a pot or pots, it does require a temperature of about 60 to 75 °F in the day time and 55 °F and above during the night, so it is specifically a warm temperature loving plant, that’s why in USA, it thrives in some Southern States and could be hard to grow in the Northern States.Calla lily blooms has a number of colors, such as white to pale pink, to deep burgundy, there are some recent hybrids with colors such as bright orange and black.It is very prone to cold, and also seems to die in the summer, but normally regrow back after.This flower plant requires a high fertile soil with some acidic contents. It is normally planted in the spring with it’s rhizomes.It could be grown in the garden or indoors in a pot, but in this article, we are learning the steps to grow Calla Lilies in a pot or pots and also how to care for them.ALSO LEARN: Disadvantages of Snake plantNow let’s see how to grow this beautiful flower plant.


If you want to grow this flower indoors, first, you need to prepare, by getting a good flower pot or any suitable container that you could grow the flowers with.The container should be at least 10 to 12 inches in height and also with a reasonable size of width, although depending on the quantity you want to grow.The flower pot or pots should have small openings at the bottom Which will help in draining the soil because this flower plant does not like wet or damp soil at all.After getting a suitable pot, the next step is to get fertile loamy soil and put in the pot.The sand should be about 2 to 4 inches to full the pot, then make holes of an inch or 2 where the Calla Lilie rhizomes will be planted.ALSO LEARN: Mexican Oregano Cultivation GuideGive them at least 4 inches gap when planting so that they don’t over crowd, although this solely depends on the size of the pot or pots involved.When you are done with the preparations, go and get the Calla Lilie rhizomes to plant.You can get this at many plant and seeds stored.When they arrive, go and plant them in those 2 or 1 inch holes you made in the pot and cover with sand.The soil should be moist and also the pot should be kept in a place that has access to indirect sunlight. In this case, I would likely suggest the windowsill.The best season to plant this flower is during the spring, both indoors and outdoors.


This flower plant is very simple to grow, especially indoors, but many amateur gardeners normally find it very complicated to grow due to the fact that they get confused on the measures to care for the flower plants, such as the measurements of water, Fertilizer and also when to apply all these care.If you are in this category, don’t worry, I have you covered.In order to successfully grow this beautiful flower plants indoors, these are the things to take care of:Exposure to Sunlight: Sunlight, yes! you heard me right!. We all know that many plants does require access to Sunlight in order to succeed, Calla Lilies are not exempted from this, infact they need full access to sunlight for at least about 6 to 8 hours per day, but not direct exposure to Sunlight.This is where many amateur gardeners make mistakes.When Calla Lilies are directly exposed to full hotness of the sun, they may be harmed by it’s heat.So when exposing them to the sun, get their pot or pots at the corner of the house that has access to the sun, but with less sun heat.Also you can protect the plants with thick and transparent Waterproof nylons when you put them under the sun so that they could control or reduce the heat of the sun.Watering: Water is yet another great care which Calla Lilies require, but water could also be very fatal to them if not properly controlled!.One advantage of growing Calla Lilies in the garden to growing indoors in a pot is that, When grown in the garden, the problem of water is somehow solved than when they are being grown indoors in a pot because the soil always have water in it while it’s not so when grown indoors.So in this case, you need to be very careful with how you water the plants in a pot because the soil in a pot is easy to get damp and also easy to dry, so a drastic technique should be employed in order to provide them with enough and normal amount of water they need.Calla Lilies does not require too much water, so on an average they should be given about a full glass of water per a week or 2 weeks, depending on the season and also weather.In hot seasons, you could think of lowering the time gap you give them water a little bit.Note – Don’t let the soil get damp, although if you get the right pots with tiny openings at the bottom, you should not worry much about water-logging, but be very cautious with water.When over watered, bright foilage tips on the flowers will tell you that the water is excess.Also before you apply water, make sure the soil is getting dried and so keep it moist, but not waterlgged.Application of Fertilizer: Fertilizer is another great way to care for this flower plant.When this flowers start growing, it is important they are supported with Fertilizers, although the soil being very fertile already should not stop the application of Fertilizers on this plants, but the amount of fertilizer being applied should be measured.We all know that flower pots are not that large, in order not to over fertilize them, a measurement of about a handful of 5.10.10 or 10.10.10 Fertilizer should be given to them every 3 weeks or month, and you need to stop or reduce the amount of Fertilizer you apply once they start booming.To apply Fertilizer of Calla Lilies, spray the Fertilizers on top of the soil in the pot where they are being grown, then use soil to cover them and apply water on the flowers.Repotting: We all know that the size of flower pots varies, some are much bigger and some are smaller, depending on the number of this flowers you are growing indoors, if you are growing a large number of it, plant in a medium or small sized pots, when they grow, you should re-pot them because the former pot might not contain them when they grow.In order to re-pot them, get a much bigger pot or pots, get fresh soil with good soil nutrients added with Fertilizer, carefully bring out the flower plants from the old pot, transplant them to the new pot and water them.Pest and Diseases: When this flowers are being grown in the garden, there is every possibility that weed might sprout out, but when they are being grown indoors in pots, the possibilities of weed is Zero percent! I guess this is one advantage of growing indoors than outdoors.But diseases do attack the flower despite being grown indoors, but very minimum.Fungus is the main disease that affect this flowers , wether they are being grown indoors in pots or being grown outdoors.The main cause of the fungal attacks, more especially rot is over watering.This is why over watering or growing them on a damp soil is very deadly for them.Rot is normally controlled by measuring the quantity of water being applied and also getting high draining soil and good pots.Pruning: What is the essence of growing flowers for beauty when they look over grown and untidy, so it is important to prune the Calla Lilies at least once in 6 months or a year.Calla Lilies are perennial plants, and so will keep growing if they are properly taken care of, so in order to keep them in shape and maintain their beauty, prune them!.


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