HOW TO GROW PINEAPPLES ( How to grow pineapples faster)

Pineapple is a very lucrative agro-business, that has the capacity of turning any serious farmer’s living standard into good for quite a long time as also it has the potential to better the live of any serious trader, retailer or business man/woman dealing with pineapples as it is always on hot demand almost in every country you can think of, more especially in African countries like Nigeria, Ghana etc.

Fruit juice industries are one of the major key players in buying pineapple as it serves as raw material for them and they are always willing to buy at higher prices and in higher quantities, thereby making pineapple a costly commodity.

It also has the potential to boost the country’s economy as it is exported to other countries mainly in larger quantities, also making the fruit costly.

In this article, I will be enlightening you on the possible lucrative profit behind this huge agro business and all the information about pineapple.









Pineapple is a fruit that is oval and round in shape which contains a very sweet particle and liquid inside it when it is open and it is eaten raw and also it is used to make juice and many types of soft drinks.

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Pineapple is grown in many parts of the world, especially it is in love or does well in rain forest region as it is a heavy drinker.
It contains many vitamins and other nutritional values and so it is in a very hot demand all over the world, there by making it costly.

Pineapple farming is the act of growing or producing pineapples either in large quantities for commercial purpose or in lower or smaller quantities for personal use/consumption.


There are different types of pineapple,they are- the Smooth pineapple also known as Smooth Leaf Cayenne pineapple, Pure Gold pineapple-this pineapple specie is newly developed and The Gold Crown pineapple specie.

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Although in my locality, People only know about 2 kinds or types of pineapple which are – Queen pineapple and the other one that is not Queen.

When I talk of pineapple farming,am talking of Queen pineapple as it is the best pineapple so far, it is very sweet and always good wether it is fully ripe by turning totally yellow in colour or it is not that yellow ( it is not totally ripe), it is always sweet, this made it a hot commodity and everybody loves it, including companies for fruit juice productions.

The other type of pineapple that is not queen is not as Sweet as queen, this made it a little bit lesser in demand.

If this type of pineapple is not yet ripe or not yet totally yellow, it always taste sour when taken and can hurt your tongue a little.


Talking of how to farm or cultivate pineapple, there are basic things you must need! they are: Good Land, Good irrigation system if you don’t reside in a rain forest area, and Raw pineapple sucker or queen to plant.

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Before you start this farming business, you must have or rent land, size, depending on the quantity of pineapples you want to farm.

For a big farmer, you need acres of land and for small farmer, you might need a plot or plots of land.

It is important you site your farm land where there is loamy/sandy soil that is rich in soil nutrients and has good amount of sun light and rain.

Prepare the land by clearing it, uprooting any tree in it and it’s roots and removing any manner of dirt’s in the soil by raking the soil totally.

The next step is to plough the land and dig large beds with either a tractor or shovel, depending on the size of the farm land.

Dig small holes of 8 inches on those beds, giving a gap interval of a foot so as to avoid crowding the pineapples.

After you have successfully done your farm, go and buy the pineapple sucker or queen ( queen is the top of the pineapple fruit that is thrown away when harvested).

Pineapple sucker is the fastest to grow or germinate as it takes about 9 months to grow, while the queen takes a longer time of about a year or even more to grow.
If you buy the sucker, it is advisable to keep them under the sun for a week, so as to kill or chase off any bacteria in it or you buy the treated ones and plant.

To plant both pineapple sucker or queen, just take them to your already prepared farm land and put each of their bottom inside the holes you made and cover them with sand and and leave them to germinate and grow there.

The next task to do is to remove weeds from them when ever they sprout out.

Pineapple takes a long time to grow and bear fruits, so weeds may come out so often and you need to be removing them frequently, so that they may not breed diseases to the pineapples or suck away the soil nutrients which the pineapples need to grow with.

If there is lesser rain fall in that area, make sure you water them at least 3 times a week, especially when they are still small or build an irrigation system that will be supplying them with adequate water.

Spread organic manure or fertilizer on them if you think the soil nutrient is reducing and watch out for pests like squirrel because they love pineapple fruits.


I have taught on how to plant or farm pineapple plant, the next step is how to harvest them when they matured.

After a year or more, some time more, depending on the breed of the pineapple crop, they will bear fruits and some will be maturing at this stage, then it is time to harvest.

To harvest this crop, you need to wear a hand gloves, if possible body protection before entering into the farm as pineapples have sharp needles that can provide your body and give you a serious injury.

When you are fully protected, just cut out the pineapple fruits from it’s stem or pull them out with hands.

Storage of this fruit is easy as it can be easily stored in a refrigerator by either peeling them and putting them in a can or nylon before placing them into the freezer or placing them in a nylon without peeling and putting in a refrigerator. Although it is a perishable goods,but it does not spoil easily unless it is kept for a very long time when it is harvested.


I have talked on how to plant and harvest pineapple, now let’s see the potential profit this awesome fruit can make you from cultivating it.

A sucker of pineapple costs like N20 and in some parts could be gotten for free. N20 × 3,000 pieces=60k
Let’s assume you have your own land, and ain’t buying or renting one, labour could cost you 20k to 30k depending on the size of the farm, if it is 2 to 4 plots of land.
Transportation fee could be 3k.

Total estimate= N93k

The 3,000 suckers or Queens might not survive as a whole, let’s say 2,500 survived and you harvested them. currently a pineapple fruit in Nigeria cost from N200 to 400 sometimes even more.
let’s say you sold all of them at the price of N200 each, 200×2,500=N500,000.


Pineapple has many uses or benefits which some are as follows: It is rich in vitamins and other minerals which helps the body in various ways.

It serves as food and drinks as the natural juice that comes out of it is drank raw and also factories use it to produce juice of various kinds.

Some medicines are prepared from it, some times from it’s peel gotten from peeling the fruit and also the peel can serve as a natural manure for farming.

It’s peel can also be used for feeding snails as they love it, especially the ripe ones and it is nutritious to them.

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I hope this article have helped you, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at my email.

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