Disadvantages of pig farming. This topic might seem strange to an average man or woman, but the purpose of this post is to highlight the problems or disadvantages of rearing/farming pigs, so that precautions could be taken when venturing into the business or breeding for personal consumption.

Disadvantages of pig farming includes: Cannibalism. Lawsy sows. Foul smell. Prone to diseases. Noise Making. Against some religious beliefs.

In many countries of the world, more especially in Nigeria, the pig farming business is very lucrative and on high demand.

In my place, pork meat could range from $3 to $10 and the pig itself as a whole can range between $60 to $100 depending on how fat and huge it it. Although pork meat is not as high demanding as beef, but upon that, the meat is still very costly and on high demand.

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The pig farming although can be as lucrative as anything you could think of, but with the above listed disadvantages, any farmer could easily check this my article and learn about the shortcoming of pig farming and in that way, make adjustments to correct any of those above or make adequate plans before starting the pig farm.

Check below for the complete details/explanations of the disadvantages of pig farming and the suggestion/solution.


Cannibalism is the process or act of consuming flesh. Pig is a well know cannibal, but it’s own is a different thing all together because they are fond of cannibalising on their babies. Are you surprised?. Pigs do eat their new born babies (piglets), more especially when they are hungry, they start taking a toll on their new born babies.

This is what many farmers that are not into pig farming or that have no concrete idea about pigs don’t know.

Unsurprisingly, this might be one of the reasons some religious beliefs dislike both pig and it’s meat which is known as pork.
The act of pigs cannibalising on their new born babies is one of the disadvantages of pig farming.

The only remedy or solution to this problem is, always watch your pig or pigs when they have babies and try as much as possible to make sure they don’t lack food in any way.

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Another way is to quickly separate the mother pig with her babies from the rest of the pigs and feed the mother pig very well, so that she won’t eat her babies and also other pigs won’t eat them too.


Some people don’t know that pigs are very lazy in nature, more especially the female ones.

This act of laziness could go a long way to becoming a great disadvantage in pig farming, wether for personal consumption or for commercial purpose.

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Here are some of the disadvantages of pigs being lazy.

The Sows can not be able to feed their piglets appropriately, they are so lazy that they can hardly go and give their piglets breast to suck, in some cases, so this could hinder their feeding method and their growth. Even to drink water is normally hard for them to do because of laziness which is also a problem. The mother is not so different from their kid’s laziness also.

The only solution it to keep them in a tight housing, so that they won’t have much struggle meeting their piglets for breastfeeding.


This is one of the biggest mistakes many farmers make, they don’t isolate pig farm house on a place far from where people are living, this is a very great disadvantage in pig farming. Pigs can smell very bad and when a pig farm is placed closer to a living place can be a very high air pollutant agent.

This is because of the smell from it’s dungs and urine. May be you might be think of cleaning it regularly so that there will be no smell, ( lol) that is ridiculous. There is no how you clean your pig farm house that the smell won’t be still coming out, this is one of the reasons justified by people for calling pig a dirty animal ( Including me ). With this, it is not advisable to locate a pig farm closer to where people are living.


Another serious Disadvantage or problem with pig farming is ,they are very prone to diseases of many kinds, this is very common in their little ones and could degenerate into high mortality rate if not controlled properly with the necessary medications.

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Apart from the diseases that could kill them, they also have diseases that could attack human beings that consume that particular sick pork like the ring worm. this worm is very common in pork meat and can put anyone that consume it into a serious life threatening condition. The only remedy for this is to avoid undone pork at any cost and make sure you over cook your pork meat before you consume so that any work or any other diseases in that meat will die of heat from cooking.


Pigs are known for being noisy, this can be a great disadvantage of pig farming in many cases, We all know very well that noise pollution is one of the greatest pollution ever! Noise can be a disturbing factor in the sense that it can cause high B.P or even kill people that are already suffering from B.P, heart attack and can even cause depression for so many people and insomnia.

so sighting a pig farm close to people is a very bad move, mainly because of the noises from the pigs.

It is highly advisable to locate your farm in either a busy or an isolated area because of noise and even smell and I explained above.


When I say that pig rearing and pork consumption is against some people’s religious doctrines, it’s is not a fable. I mentioned this above.

Some religious doctrines like Sabbath etc don’t eat pork nor breed it. I know this because my grand- parents were into sabbatical faith and they don’t like pork nor breed it. Disclaimer-This is just my personal observation and research and does not in anyway a form of Religious defamation.


Pig farming can be very lucrative and nice, but it is important to know all the disadvantages of it I mentioned above so that you could take precautions to plan and manage your pig farm to maximize good results.





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