How profitable is Layer farming business?, this is exactly the kind of question being asked by many up-coming farmers and even non prospective farmers. That is exactly why I ventured my time on research, combined with my personal experience to help you to have a good hint on how profitable layer farming is or can be when done correctly. I stay in Nigeria, so am going to answer this particular question from the perspective of Nigerian market and economy.

How much you could make with layer business really depends on how many you are rearing. For instance, 500 layers could make you a total profit of 3,000,000 to 4,060,000 naira in 18 months.

Disclaimer: the figure above could not be totally correct because of changes in prices of goods.
With all being said, let’s dive into the estimate of rearing or farming 500 layers in Nigeria. TABLE OF CONTENTS



500 birds (point-of-lay layers): N500,000
5 cages (96 birds-per-cage) to house the 500 birds: N250,000
Cage house or pen construction: N400,000
Labourer: N180,000
18-months’ worth of feeding (using packaged feeds): N4,000,000
Total startup capital for 500 birds (layers): N5,330,000
In the above estimate, I didn’t add land because to before you think of going in to poultry business, land must be your first priority, so I didn’t feel like including it in my estimate, but if you don’t have land that is ready, my advise is to go to local place to buy land and avoid cities, why? because land in the local places are way long cheaper than those in the cities!, one plot of land is enough for this agro business.
After you might have been through with building or constructing your poultry house, the next thing in line is to employ a person that will take care of the birds for you, 10k is the average salary of labourers in Nigeria, so employ a labourer if you can’t take care of your business yourself, but it is very advisable to look for an experienced person in this field to employ so that he/she will be able to understand and look after them very well.
Now order your point-of-lay layers, ( these are layer fowls that you didn’t raise yourself, but bought them when they have grown up and ready to start laying eggs). When the layers arrive, take them to their various cages and start feeding them, these are point of lay birds, so they will start laying immediately, some might even lay some eggs in the bus or truck that brings them, that is normal, the average lay span of layer fowl is 18 months, let’s say all of them start laying immediately you bought them, a layer can lay at least 2 times a day or once, depending on the breed and how they were raised. If they lay once in a day, that’s 500 eggs a day, =16 crates of eggs, 16 crates a day × 18 months =8,640 crates. This is exactly the number of crates of eggs they will lay throughout their lay span or life span.


One thing I so much love about poultry business at large is, it is a hot cake, this includes all type of poultry business, both broiler and layer business. Read about broiler farming here. Their demand is always high in the market, this is mainly because hotels, restaurants, bakery industries, bakers, and even ordinary population at large are always struggling and fighting amongst themselves to buy both eggs and chickens, this made the price of poultry products to rise, even the waste product of fowls ( dungs ) are costly too, so this made the business very lucrative to venture into. The average price of a crate of egg in Nigeria is 1,000 naira and a bag of it’s waste product can be between 200 naira to 400 naira, depending on the location. So you see, nothing is a waste on poultry and everything in it gives you money. The waste product is very costly because farmers are always rushing to buy it because it is a very good manure to crops and it is natural compared to artificial fertilizer. Before I ventured into this business, I was like any of those farmers that cue at poultry farm, waiting for them to bring out the waste they packed from their poultry each morning, ( lol ). so it is also costly and on high demand too.
Enough of the talking, now let’s calculate the profit to make from this business with 500 layers. 16 crates a day,( this is if all goes well) to the next 18 months, this will give you a total of about 8,640 crates of egg, a crate of egg now is N1,000. 1,000×8,640 crates this will give you a total amount of 8,640,000. This the sales from eggs alone, by the end of 18 months, by then the layers might have began to grow old and reduce in dropping of eggs, you can now sell them at a good amount also. Now an old layer bird cost about 1,500 naira on an ordinary days and during festival periods like Christmas, Easter and Salah or mother’s day or father’s day etc, it could go way up to 1,700 to 2,000 naira. So with this you could make another great profit. let’s say you sold the 500 of them for 1,500, you will be banking the total amount of 750,000 naira. Am not even including the waste products which you will also be making small amount of money, may be you could use that to pay the labourer, who knows. In total, 9,390,000 naira, this is the total amount made from layer business of 500 fowls, okay, let’s minus the expenses and see the total gain or profit you could make. 9,390,000 minus the total expenses of N5,330,000 = 4,060,000 naira.
Note: The farming equipments and the farm house you bought are all fixed assets and will always maximize your profit margin in years to come until they are too old or you decide to leave the business. CONCLUSIONFrom the analysis and estimate above, there is a very huge profit in this business, if planned very well and done very well, you could be making a killing of it and be smiling at the bank in a short while of venturing into the business. I hope this article helps you and have answered the question, please do share this article on the social media.

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