Carpet grass

Carpet grass is one of the loveliest grasses, infact it is said to be the best grass for lawn and is very lovely and beautiful.

Apart from lawns, carpet grass can also be grown on airports, parks, relaxation centers, library etc.

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If you are about to grow this grass on your lawn or anywhere, and wish to know the effects, or advantages and carpet grass disadvantages, then you are in the right place, read to the end in order to understand every information here.


There are many advantages of carpet grass which make it very unique and different from other plants, they are:

Carpet grass is a low feeder plant: one of the advantages of growing this plant is that, it is a very low manure consuming plant. This means that this plant does not require much manure or soil fertility to thrive, infact, it can go all year round thriving on a very low fertile soil and thus saves a lot of money for the gardener.

Soil tolerant: Unlike many other plants and grasses out there, this particular grass doe not really care much about the nature of the soil which it is being grown on. It do grow well on both loamy soil, Sandy soil etc, except salty soil.

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It does require a soil with pH of 4.4 to 5.5 and it booms more in the summer. This grass is mainly grown in East Texas to Florida and north to Virginia, Alabama and Arkansas.

Erosion control agent: One of the thrilling advantages of this grass is it serves as an agent of erosion control. What this means is, growing this grass on a location where erosion in on the rampage is very advantageous because it will definitely control the erosion to some extent or in totality!, this is because the grass spread so quickly with it’s roots everywhere around that vicinity and also having a very low height, not more than 10 inches.

When grown as lawn, it helps to dry up the water or rain very very quickly in the lawn.

Weather tolerant: Carpet grass does not only accept almost every soil, it also accept almost every weather conditions.

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Although it might look so healthy and green in some weather conditions like the summer, but it does stand any weather condition, unlike other plants. With this, there is no need to bother about the plant in any weather, even though it is hit by drought which it despise, it will still boom again once rain touches it.

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It Controls weed: One good thing about carpet grass is, once it starts to grow, it will overshadow other weeds, thereby killing them and making it impossible or nearly impossible for any type of weed to grow.

This is a win win situation for gardeners and lawn owners because they won’t have to bother much about weed.

It grows very fast: Once planted, it grows very fast and expand so quickly that your lawn or garden will be covered with it within a very short period of time without you doing anything.

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This might go a long way in saving both money and time which might have been invested in purchasing more of the seeds or planting them.

It tolerates walking over them: Unlike many plants out there, this particular grass does not mind people walking over them, as it does not have any real effect on them, even if it has effect on them it is not noticeable because they recover so quickly.

Carpet grass helps to cool the air: Many people did be surprise at this, well, it is true!, once this grass is grown in your lawn/garden, you will start noticing that the air is becoming cooler than before, this is so because it cools and filters the air around it.

Beautification Purpose: We all know that one of the main reasons or the main reason why people grow this grass in their lawn and garden is because of it’s beauty.

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This grass gives a very magnificent and nice view of lawns/garden, infact without it, lawns won’t be called lawns.

Carpet grass is beautiful, although it could still be an eyesore if not properly controlled!. This means that, if not mown regularly, it will grow and become so untidy and ugly to the eyes.

It serves as a natural bed for relaxation etc.

CARPET GRASS DISADVANTAGES (problems of carpet grass)

As we have discussed above, this plant is unique for it’s advantages/merits, this does not make it invincible, as it also have some problems or disadvantages, which are:

Cost ineffective/ High maintenance cost: One bad thing about growing this grass is, it is very costly to maintain!.

Although it might not be so costly to grow, etc, but, when it comes to maintenance on the long run, it is costly because the grass is always growing and also do need frequent mowing, it takes a lot of time and effort to mow and also money to purchase lawnmower or pay gardeners that will handle the lawnmower if you have no time for that.

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The fact is, if you don’t mow this grass regularly, they will end up becoming the exact opposite of the reason they were being grown which is for beauty.

Susceptible to salty soil: Although it is true that carpet grass is not selective when it comes to soil, but one flaw it has is, it does not grow on salty soil.

With this, it is nearly impossible for those that found themselves on salty soil to grow this grass in their lawn/garden.

Prone to diseases/Pests: Carpet grass is easily attacked by pests and diseases, although both pests and diseases does not incure effective damages to it, as it does recover so quickly from any attack.

Diseases such as soilborne diseases such as brown patch and Pythium and to most leaf spot diseases and pests such as White grub and, in the southeastern states, mole crickets can cause serious injury to carpet grass. Pesticides could be used.

Susceptible to Drought: Carpet grass does not tolerate drought at all?. Although this plant can tolerate any weather condition, but it is very susceptible to Drought and might die it look unattractive in drought, unless irrigation is applied!.

This makes it hard to grow by those in a desert like climate such as the middle east, unless with the help of an irrigation.

Offensive Odors: Although this is very rare, but in a case where the grass is not properly taken care of, especially during frost or heavy rain, some of the decayed grasses might begin to produce bad odors.

This is the main reason, why some lawn do smell bad!, to control this, make sure the snow defrost quickly and water does not store in your lawn and also mow the lawn regularly.


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