Pepper is one of the most soughted spices everywhere, more especially in the African Continent,based on my observation, no body will cook nowadays without adding pepper, in Nigeria mostly because of it’s abundance of vitamin and a source of natural cure to some sickness, that made the spice one of the most important ingredients for cooking foods. It is used in almost every food recipe you could think of, be it Rice, stew, soup and even sauce.Although in Nigeria, there are pepper farmers, but they don’t product enough to meet the demand of it, hence pepper is still imported in Nigeria, with this, it shows that the number of people who are consuming or using it is very far more high compared to the number of farmers and the amount or quantity of pepper being released into the market.

How to plant pepper in dry season?, To plant pepper in dry season, you need a proper irrigation system, fertile land and healthy pepper seeds. Plant the seeds an inch deep in the soil and irrigate.

With the above tips on how to plant pepper in dry season,you will be able to plant the spice in the dry season and make huge profit because by that period of the year, pepper is highly scarce and costly because nobody is cultivating them anymore and so you can do it and make profit.

with all said and done, let’s dive into the details of the tips to start this great business opportunity that can make you to be smiling at the bank in a short while.

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The first process to starting is to buy the type of pepper you want to cultivate during the dry season. you can buy in the market or you can purchase any type of good breed of pepper here and have it delivered to you. Before you buy the pepper seed, make sure you it is the good one, so that it will do well and help you maximize your profit, that’s why I recommend you click the link above to make you purchase a good type.

After you might have gotten your pepper seed to plant, then go to the next step which is digging a farm bed.

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Now you might be surprised and your question might be ” what is the bed for?” now read very carefully, the bed is very necessary because that is where the pepper seed will first of all germinate before being transplanted to your main farm.

Now you understand?, let’s go on, dig or build a farm bed with good hoe and filter it to make sure there is no stone or any hard substances in it.

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After you are through with the digging and the decoration, spreed the seeds on top of the bed and sliggtly spray sand on them to cover them a bit, if you like, go and fetch palm tree leaves or Elizbeth leaves and cover the bed so that fowl or any other pest won’t feed on your pepper seeds.Allow them to germinate and grow a little bit so that you can transplant them to your farm land.

Most of the pepper seeds will begin to sprout in about 2 weeks.

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Immediately, start spraying water on them, but not much water, at least 2 times a day, morning and evening, this will sustain them. For manure, I suggest you mix fowl,pig or goat dungs with the bed when making it, this will help to add nutrients to the sand and help the crops grow when they germinate.


After your seeds have germinated, allow them to grow a little bit on the bed where they germinated before transplanting them. Give them more 2 weeks from the day they sprouted. This is to make sure they are old enough to be transferred to another place, so they don’t die.Now go and clear the place you want to have them grown and make sure the place is accessible to good amount of sun light, for it is very important to crops more especially the pepper plants.After you are through with the clearing, once again, make sure you filter the sand well enough to avoid hard substances on the farm. Did hole based on the number of pepper plants you want to transplant, dig the holes 2 to 3 inches and transplant them to their new home, ( Carefully and gently uproot them from the bed so that the roots don’t break and do this either early in the morning or late evening, avoid doing this in the afternoon when the sun is still shining and hot).

After transplanting them, add some manures like animal dungs or green leaves around them and water them.Pepper plants are heavy drinker and to make the matter more complicated, you are farming them on dry season, this will make them require more water more than ever, if not they will either under grow and produce less or they die, so make sure you keep up with watering them morning and night.

The next work to do is to weed them and also check the pest on them. weeding them will not be much of a problem because you are doing this on dry season, so weed won’t have the advantage of springing up and growing very quickly, but in the case of the little ones that might spring up, do we to remove them as quickly as possible so that they won’t infect the plants with diseases and malnutrition.

Pest is also a problem, although pest don’t attack pepper like they do to other crops like okra or corn etc, that’s a great advantage, but some pest do attack them, so it is advisable to keep an eye on your crops.

It will take some months to start bearing fruits ( which is pepper ). allow them to mature by going red in colour, then you can harvest them, some people do harvest when they are big enough, but still green in colour, what ever suits you but to the best of my knowledge, harvesting when it is still green allows the pepper crops to refresh and bear new fruits, this method can maximize your profit, harvest once or twice in 2 weeks.NOTE – please make sure you put on hand gloves when harvesting as pepper can hurt you on any part of the body, even hands, it can last for days, so beware.


We all know that pepper is a very perishable goods, so how can we store it? Although I believe I have taught you how to cultivate pepper on dry season, but it won’t be enough if I don’t tell you how to store it.being g perishable goods, it is a must to have a storage plan because you might not sell all of them immediately or you might decide to keep them for a while.
So here are the methods of storing it:

FREEZE THEM: By freezing them, you keep them fresh and also retain both their taste and nutrients, but this spice doesn’t work well with water, it is advisable to put them on empty and dry container and place in to the refrigerator.

DRY THEM: This storage method is very good for a long term storage plan. with this method, you need to display the pepper under the hot sun to make them dry, then put them on a dry container an leave them there, they could stay for a very long time with this method.
Also you can decide to grind them after drying and also put in a dry container and store, which is still good.


With the guild I gave above, you could be making some tons of money on dry season with pepper, hence it is a very hot commodity at that time.
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