Nowadays, so many people are going into Quail rearing, in order to meet up with the high demand of quail meat, but sometimes, they do complain of the queer behavior of their quail birds, such as their quail or quails walking backwards, instead of walking normal and their quail loosing balance or acting drunk.

Why is my Quail walking backwards? Some quails will walk backward just before they pass droppings. This is normal. It’s also normal to walk backward from time to time while scratching in the dirt to make a dust bath or look for food.

Quails are kind of funny sometimes. As a person who is new to quails and their behaviors, sometimes you will be in shock and alarmed at their funny behaviors, so a quail might walk backwards when it is constipated.

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This is normal if the bird do this for a few hours or a day, but if it continues the next day, it might be a problem which calls for alarm and involvement of a vet doctor.

If a quail continue walking backwards more than a day, it might be some sort of neurological disorder. When you notice this, quickly book a date with your vet.

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Why is my Quail loosing Balance?

Apart from walking backwards, sometimes people also complain of having a quail or quails that are loosing their balance, acting drunk and sometimes can’t even stand up. Well there are some reasons for that!.

Why is my quail loosing balance? This could be symptoms of infections such as Marek’s disease, Botulism, Ear infection or a stroke.

Like I mentioned, quails are very funny sometimes. A quail might stop moving or stand up because it has stroke.

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This is caused by hitting it’s head on the cage, thereby having brain damage which could paralyze the bird and lead to stroke which will make the bird to stop moving.

This is why certain precautions and preferences are made when buying cages for your quails, in order to avoid this.

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Another reason why your quail is loosing balance or not standing up is because it has contacted Marek’s disease. and botulism.

Marek’s disease is a viral infectious disease in birds which causes paralysis of the legs and won’t allow your quail to stand up.

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Botulism is a disease which is an intoxication caused by the bacteria Clostridius botulinum. This bacteria breeds in moldy feed and also from consumption of insects who have ingested the toxins.

One of the symptoms of Botulism is near paralysis especially at the onset of the infection.

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A quail’s off balance attitude might have been because it is infected with the bacteria and will need to be treated with Selenium and Vitamins.

It is very advisable to contact a vet once you start seeing your birds loosing balance or acting drunk.

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Inner ear infection can also cause this!. Not only in birds, also it could make even human beings to by acting dizzy, so there is every chance that you quail bird might be acting dizzy or drunk because it has inner ear infection.

Like I would normally advise, also meet your vet for professional advise and possible medications.

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What Temperature Should Quails Be Kept At? ( Can quails survive in cold weather?)

Apart from the above listed causes of off balance and dizziness, cold might also affect your Quails badly, and sometimes making them to be dizzy.

If so, then what temperature is right for them?.

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For quail chicks or baby quails who are newly hatched, it is very imperative to get the temperature right as very cold temperature conditions can kill the chicks.

In the first week of their life, the temperature should be at 95 degrees Fahrenheit during warm months and 90 degrees during cold winter months.

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As week passes, drop the temperature by one 5 degrees until the fifth week when the right temperature should be 75 for summer periods and 70 for winter periods.

When they grow, you should care less about their temperature because, adult quails are quite tolerant to cold and as long as they are out of wet conditions they can handle themselves even during the winter period.

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Make sure that their coop or cage is well insulated and also provide warm bedding made with shavings so the cold can pass through their feet.

Also during winter months providing them with extra hours of light and heat could helps them survive and also makes them happy and comfortable.

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