Standing Quail

Do quail see in the dark?, well, this question may seem funny or queer, but it makes sense and has curiosity in it.

I once went to my friend’s farm and saw some quails moving about, while it is almost dark, I begin to wonder if these birds could actually see in the dark, I became curious and conducted a survey on 10 farmers that do rear quails, here is my result.

Quails don’t see in the dark because they are not nocturnal animals. They do go to sleep at night when it’s dark just like other domestic birds.

Quail is an active and social bird, this is why they are very active and always busy from morning till it is dark, I mean very dark, before some of them will go to sleep, this is why some of them are very active till it is very dark, and so seems as if they could see in the dark, but they don’t!

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Do Quail Like the Dark?

Seeing quails wandering about in almost darkness and late at night, one might begin to ask, ” if they don’t see in the night or dark, does it mean they enjoy being in darkness?.

Quail neither like nor hate darkness. being a social bird and makes them to wander about for a while when it’s dark, especially when they are many.

If you see a quail moving about when it is getting dark, check very well, it is not alone! being together makes them move about for a while in the dark.

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The fact is, they can move about in the dark, but not when it gets too dark because they do sleep like normal bird when it is very dark and late.

Do Quails need Light at Night?

Being active for a while in the night, one might wonder if they do need light at night.

Baby quails ( chicks) do need light at night, especially when the weather is cold because they haven’t grown thick feathers, but they don’t really need light at night when they mature.

Giving your quails light all night is a thing of choice, it neither does any harm nor good.

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The only advantage of putting on light for your group of quails is, it will help them eat all night and get fat and weight more. This is good for commercial quail breeders, as it will make your birds to gain much more weight and get costly for buyers.

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Do Quails Sleep at Night?

Although Quail is a very lively bird that love to stay up late at night, or at least up at night more than other domestic birds, that doesn’t mean they don’t sleep.

Quails do sleep at night, but they sometimes prefer to sleep late.

There is no animal that doesn’t sleep, either during the day ( nocturnal animals), or at night. That doesn’t mean they don’t Sleep.

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In the case of Quails, they do sleep, but sometimes late, especially when they have light and when they are many.

They sleep like any other domestic birds by standing on their feet or lie on their breast, with 2 eyes closed while they sleep.

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One thing about this birds is, they don’t like sleeping in their coop, they just love open field or open environment, unless you will make them learn to sleep inside their coop.

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