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Can peackocks swim? I have been seeing this particular question on social media. and on forums, but majority of the answers I have been seeing are all negative and not convincing, this led me to do thorough research and here is the result.

Yes peackocks can swim. Although they are not good at it and also are not used to it, therefore they could swim for a short while and may drown if they stay longer on water.

Many people do believe that peafowls doesn’t swim nor go near water, well’ that’s true to some extent.

They don’t seem to like getting wet because they are not used to water on their body, infact they don’t seem to like it, but if they live or stay close to water, they might begin to go near it and even attempt to swim on it.

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Initially, just like many people, I was not convinced that those birds could near water, even to talk of getting into one, but after my research, I was convinced that they could actually swim to some extent.

I was convinced when I saw some videos of peackocks on water as proof. ( I would have embedded one here, but am afraid of copyrights).

Swimming peackock

I know what you are thinking…. Yes I have not seen one swimming in real life, but this article is based on pure facts derived from thorough research.

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Peackock’s lack of interest on water could be traced to it’s history. This is because where peackocks came from does not have that large number of water bodies, example Congo in Africa.

Another reason why many don’t think this bird could swim is because they don’t have webbed foot just like duck, which they use to swim nor could oil their feet and feathers to keep them afloat like ducks.

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Another reason is peackocks have large and heavy feathers which makes them unfit to at least swim well.

Can peackocks Float?

Considering how well feathered and heavy peackocks look, which is why people don’t believe they could swim, one might begin to wonder, ” can peackocks actually float on water”

Peackocks could float on water, but not for very long time because they have heavy feathers and doesn’t have webbed foot which could help them stay afloat for a long time.

They fact is that they lack the ability to swim and so even when they do try to swim, they can’t stay much longer or they might drown.

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It is very rare to see this bird on water for what ever reasons, but in some cases ( According to some respondents who have actually witnessed this) although they are not naturally drawn to water, but keeping them around some water birds such as duck could make them feel free to some extent around water.

Do peackocks like or hate water?

Peackocks are naturally a land bird which prefer dry land to water, the question anybody might ask is wether they like water or not.

Peackocks are naturally land birds which dwells on dry land, therefore they don’t like getting soaked on water.

If you check the history of this bird, you will notice that they originated from dry land regions, that might be the reason they don’t like getting on water, not even on rain.

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The pure fact is, they don’t care nor give a hoot about water and they dislike getting wet so much, therefore they hate water!.

Like I mentioned earlier, although small percentage of them could go near water and even swim because they’re forced to do so by the environment which they reside, but naturally, they don’t care about getting into nor near water.

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Don’t get it twisted, they are living things, saying that they doesn’t like water doesn’t mean they don’t drink it, they are two different things.

How do peackocks clean themselves?

Having known that peackocks doesn’t like getting soaked on water, you might start wondering “how they clean themselves? or is peackock a dirty bird?

Peackocks do clean themselves with dust and sand. They do this by sending dust and sand flying all over them, and on the process, it helps to remove dirt’s and parasites on their body.

This is one of the similarities they share with fowls. Fowls do use the same method to clean their body or should I say take bath.

By doing this peackock’s feathers will become clean and nice, so they are not dirty birds.


The purpose of this article is just for educational purpose. If you have contrary opinion, reach out to me with your proof, am still open for more information.

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