Can peackocks see at night?

Can peackocks see at night?. This is a very common question for people that do reside in regions where peackocks are very common, because sometimes in the late night, peackocks do make alot of noise, which make it look as if they don’t sleep or they do wander about at night. This brought about the question “do peackocks see at night?.

Peackocks do not see at night because they are not nocturnal, but diurnal animals.

Peackock is a big bird with nice and beautiful feathers, with a very long and beautiful tail. This bird is not very common to some regions and so very costly.

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They are not domestic birds, unless properly tamed from young age, they live on trees in the night where they make noise sometimes, which made many people to start wondering if they could see at night. We will get to the reason why they make noise at night soon! keep reading.

Are Peackocks Nocturnal?

For those who know and live near peackocks, from every indications, peackocks do exhibit the characteristics of a nocturnal animal. The question is, is peackock nocturnal?

No peackock is not nocturnal because they don’t see at night. They go to their roost once it is dark.

Although this bird do have some characteristics of nocturnal birds, like crying in the night and the female ones walking about sometimes at night.

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Why do Peackocks Cry at night?

Like I mentioned above, so many people who live in regions where peackocks are seen do think those birds are nocturnal because they do cry sometimes at night and make alot of noises and the female ones sometimes move about at night. If they can’t see at night, then why do they exhibit those characters?

Male peackocks do cry at night when they want to mate. They do this to attract the female ones and expose their positions so that the female peackocks could be able to locate them.

Although they don’t normally cry every night all year round, they do it seasonally.

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When the season for mating comes, the male ones will start crying where ever they are in order to call the attention of the female ones.

The female peackocks will now start locating them from the sound of their cries. This doesn’t mean they do see in the dark or night, but they trace the sounds from the male ones.

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This is why it looks as if they could see in the dark, but they don’t!.

Where do Peackocks stay at night

Peackocks do inhabit forests and they do stay on trees. As they are not domestic birds, they do roost on trees and on thick bushes or Forests.

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When it is dark in the night, they fly to their various roosts on tree branches and on thick bushes where they sleep.

Do peackocks have good eyesight?

Yes peackock have a very good eyesight, that’s during the day time, which they use for hunting.

Apart from great eyesight, they also have great hearing capability. With this, they are be able to hunt very well, especially for small animals like mice, lizard, and some various insects.

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