If you are reading this article, that means you must be searching about banana and how much it cost to start a banana plantation. Congrats! why? because you found the right article and I will be educating you on on the cost of starting a banana plantation and many more information about banana.

The cost of starting a banana plantation business can be from 1,000 USD to 2,000 USD.

The cost I mentioned above is a very correct estimate from my own experience and research, this is based on my location, this is to say that the cost can vary based on the geographical location you are planning to start the plantation business. By geographical I mean to say that the cost of land or commodities in your country or location can go a long way to determine the over all cost of starting the banana plantation business. Below is the over all information of banana plantation business and the rough estimate of it.

Although there is no where in the world that banana isn’t known and eaten so let’s assume everyone knows what banana is, but before I go on in this article, first let me say what banana plantation means. According to Wikipedia, ” A banana plantation is a commercial agricultural facility found in tropical climates where bananas are grown”.
Banana is a tropical fruit that can be eaten raw when it is ripe or could be used to prepare many types and kinds of foods and delicacies. this fruit is used for many things in many race and cultures all over the world and it is a very nice meal for animals like monkey, sheep, goat etc and also the peel is a very good source of manure that could be used to plant many crops like pepper, garden eggs,okra etc.
Some people do ask questions like ” is there any profit in this banana business?, How much can they make from banana plantation, ” etc, now let me open your eyes to the huge amount of money to be made from this and the task free labor involved in it.
Banana unlike other Agricultural crops is very unique in nature, the only Agricultural crop it is related to is plantain and both of them look convincingly alike and indifferentiable unless they bear fruits, that’s the only time you would differentiate them. back to the topic, this plant or crop is unique, and the easiest to farm and long sustainable. A banana tree is planted with it’s sucker and after planting it, can take about 6 to 8 months to mature and bear it’s first fruit or fruits as one banana tree could bear more than one fruit at a time, this is what makes it very productive and very profitable. This tree does not require weeding! surprised? yes, it does not ,just plant them and leave them there till who knows when, lol, and this plant can last up to 20 to 30 year and will continue giving you a continuous profit, sounds great? now let’s dive into the estimate and how to plant this fine and lucrative agric crop.

Before you think of diving into this business, first you need a land, I mean a farm land, one plot is okay for a start.

one plot of land could be from 1k USD to 4k USD depending on the location, I would advise you to buy land in a rural area, because by so doing, this will reduce the huge cost of land and expenses and maximize your profit on the long run.
After you might have been through with land, the next step is to cultivate the land by clearing the bush and dirt’s in it if there is any. Dig holes on the farm land. About 3 feet deep each, pour in any of these into each of the holes,- cow, pig,Chicken,goat dung, now go and buy the banana suckers and plant them giving a gap of about 5 feet from each other.
If you don’t know where to buy them, click here or go to your local market and buy, make sure you select the good breeds that could grow fast and give a profitable harvest on the the long run.
After planting cover them with sand and allow the sucker to be seen on the surface while the roots will be on the ground, water them for a month till the roots is ready to do the work ( this is if you plant in a dry season).

Banana just like it’s counterpart plantain is a very heavy drinker and does not do without water, so, this is why it is necessary to water always, morning and night assuming you plant in a non raining season.
This is all you need to do and it can keep making you money even in the next 20 to 30 years to come, why? this is because as the banana trees germinate and reach their maturity stage, each of them will grow new trees inform of suckers, when the former banana tree is cut down in form of harvest, the new suckers take over. Each banana tree could bear more than 3 suckers at the same time there by multiplying the number of banana in your farm after harvest instead of reduction in number, this can make a particular banana plantation to last for a long time and keep making you money from time to time unless you decide to either cut all of them down or burn the farm which I highly doubt you will unless it is very necessary to do.
I hope I have opened your eyes a little bit on the huge and long lasting lucrative business of banana farming, now let’s know how to harvest and how to know the ones to harvest and how to market them.

Assuming you are in luck to have a good breed of this tree, it could take between 6 to 8 months to mature and be ready to harvest, how? if you check the fruit or fruits, they will be big enough and in some occasions, some will start getting ripe, although I don’t recommend leaving it to start getting ripe as banana is a very perishable goods when it is ripe, harvest them before they ripe and sell.

You might be asking how do you harvest?, to harvest them is very simple, take a Cutlass and cut the trees, be careful unless the banana fruits will break or be smashed when the tree fell, cut them with carefulness and small small so they don’t fell with force and smash the fruits. Now cut off the banana fruits from the fallen tree and leave the tree there as it will rot and turn into manure.
Do you know that banana consumption is estimated to be around 100 to 150 billion per month?. What doe this means is that banana is a very hot commodity and the consumption is very high and so the demand. You won’t have difficulty selling your banana fruits and you will always be in the position to determine the price of your product any time any day. In my place, a whole banana is sold between 5 USD to 15 USD, this is how huge the business is.


I believe I have enlighten you about the cost of starting this business and the huge and sustainable profit involved. If you have any question or direction, feel free to contact me at my email and also share this article if it helps you.

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